PC Technical Services provides high quality, affordable computer pc repair, Gateway laptop troubleshooting, remote home pc tech support, software training, virus removal, hardware installation, web site design and promotion services to any size business operating on tight business services budgets.

We repair computers and laptops at our location in Los Angeles, CA. This is a home-based computer repair business so you get affordable prices and faster services. Also we can serve clients from other states in the US by remote access over the internet.


Gateway Laptop Services

  • Data Transfer, Backup & Recovery
  • Re-installation of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Viruses, Malware & Spyware Removal
  • Wipe Out of Data for Privacy Protection
  • Internal & External USB Hard Drive Installation
  • Anti-Spam & anti-virus software installation
  • DC Jack and Power Adapter Testing
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Motherboard Troubleshooting
  • LCD Screen Troubleshooting
  • USB Wireless Network Card Setup
  • PCMCIA WiFi adapter Setup
  • Troubleshoot Keyboard, Floppy Drive, Zip Drive, DVD-Rom, DVD-RW Drives, & Memory Card Reader